Sunday Aug. 14th Summer Bazaar

It was a beautiful day with the perfect summer temperature Oregon is known for, around us large trees, one slung with swings, and a rugged (but nicely kept) barn in what definitely felt like “the middle of no where”, a kind of place out of time possibly.

Here on a bright Sunday morning was an assortment of artisans getting together.  A large pot bellied Corgi Dog was on guard duty and everyone got a firm looking over before it was ‘okay’.  There were chickens running around scratching at the summer grass looking for insects, a garden bursting with flowers and a slinking black and white cat.  As the Artisans setup there was a wide mix from delectable home made ice cream with flavors like Lavender to our table with Jephael’s Velociraptor skull crafted completely of paper mache to a soap maker and a guitar player.  It was going to be an awesome day.

August 14, 2016

Jephael told me the night before, “what are you going to work on?”  Um’ I thought we were just dropping off some stuff…?  Nope.  Oh’ okay…..hmm, no idea.  But her and I go outside to paint and have kinda mastered the five minute paint and supply pack up.  I did not have any formal demonstration planned and didn’t know what the space would be like, so I just ended up kinda ‘doodle’ painting during the day but it was relaxing and fun.


I had it in my head I suppose to start out that the location was right off the 101 highway and easily accessible.  It was, after a fashion, not too hard to find – not the least bit reason were the signs they posted – but it felt like we were miles and miles from civilization – but right away – remote or not, people began to arrive many all the way from Portland.

The barn was hung with paper lanterns / lamps as it was being hosted by HiiH   The lighting was spectacular and the atmosphere fun.


Mid-day the support crew showed up and had coffee with them for us and I pointed them toward the ice cream.  Alas with my lactose intolerance I didn’t indulge, but I tasted the Lavender / Earl Grey and it was amazing.

Toward the end of the day my small apple painting sold for $25.00 – I was so excited.  First because I love that painting and was so thrilled someone else liked it also!  And secondly I did get picked on a bit about that one, to the point I almost left it at home but at the last minute thought — no this is my favorite, going to bring it!

My only thoughts is that possibly if we’re invited back next year – situate a box of kittens next to my station 🙂

  THE END ——


Paula Shackles has a BFA & AA in fine art and a BA in Design specializing in web design which she did for many years before losing her mind at the computer and giving it up for good (burn it with fire!) She has helped test certification exams for Adobe in both Dreamweaver and Photoshop and holds an expert certification level in Photoshop. She taught web design and Photoshop part time for five years. She lives in the PNW where she takes loads of photos and has gone back into fine art after owning a poster business and doing some art restoration.

Paula enjoys slowly running everyday, coffee, art and CATS. Lots of cats.