Antique Flower Arrangement 24×18″ Acrylic Multi-Media

Multi-Media on Canvass – 24×18″, October 2016

This was a really simple piece to make and I like how it turned out. Loads of layers give visual interest and depth. Although it seems like a colorful explosion there are also lots of neutral colors for balance. Red Oxide and aquas seem to be a combination I’m always coming back to.

This painting makes me feel the Pacific Northwest. The hundred year old great houses and architecture and the feel of age when I stand in the old Bumblebee Tuna packing plant to get a coffee at Coffee Girl.

With the rains beginning again it takes a very long time for the acrylic to dry, particularly since I use thick layers. I’ll wait a week before applying a thick top coat of acrylic gloss gel to seal the paper and many layers to the canvass.


Paula Shackles has a BFA & AA in fine art and a BA in Design specializing in web design which she did for many years before losing her mind at the computer and giving it up for good (burn it with fire!) She has helped test certification exams for Adobe in both Dreamweaver and Photoshop and holds an expert certification level in Photoshop. She taught web design and Photoshop part time for five years. She lives in the PNW where she takes loads of photos and has gone back into fine art after owning a poster business and doing some art restoration.

Paula enjoys slowly running everyday, coffee, art and CATS. Lots of cats.